Thursday, November 3, 2011

Need New Writers!

Hey, Doll Lovers!

I'm in need of at least two new writers for this blog. If your interested, contact me or comment on this post. I'll pick the best two entries and I'll make those two followers my new writers. (Yes, you have to be a follower to win the contest.) Just write a 3-6 sentence paragraph about your interests or style. Then tell me your name and why you want to be a writer.

Latest News on Stardoll: 25% off in Evening Falls and Pretty n' Love stores in Starplaza
Upcoming Updates/Needs for blog: 2 New writers, new profile picture for me.

With Love,
Brianna Hayley, Owner

1 comment:

  1. I'm JJ, Im a Fashion Blogger & Soon to be beauty Student. I Love All things beauty, Nails, Facials & everything Else. My Style is Unique. I Wear Shots on a Cold Day, Knee high Boots, Cozy Jumpers & Skinny Jeans All Of these are my favorite. I Love Playing Stardoll as i love to socialize with other members. I have been on Stardoll for 4 years now so i know everything there is to know.

    My Stardoll Username is bracken1234

    I Would love the opportunity to write for this blog because i love blogging and iv been on Stardoll for 4 years now so i know allot about it. I Also have experience from writing in other blogs and I can post about anything you need. I am committed & if i need to leave the blog etc. I Will let you know in advance and will stay on as a writer until you are able to find someone else.

    Thank you

    JJ (bracken1234)